Supporting Samoa to digitalize its port call operations


From 1 January 2024, amendments to the Facilitation Convention (FAL Convention) enter into force which make the implementation of Maritime Single Windows (MSWs) by ports mandatory.  

Participants at a National Seminar on Facilitation of Maritime Traffic (27-29 November) in Apia, Samoa are learning about the benefits of using the Maritime Single Window and Electronic Data Interchange in facilitating ships’ clearance in Samoa’s ports.  

A Maritime Single Window is a digital platform that allows the electronic submission, through a single online portal, of all information required by various agencies to ensure efficient clearance of ships during port calls.    

Those with responsibilities for the clearance of ships, cargoes and persons, along with private stakeholders, are participating. The 22 attendees represent the Samoa Ministry of Prime Minister & Cabinet; the Ministry of Works, Transport and Infrastructure; the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries; and the Ministry of Health. Also present are representatives from Customs, the Samoa Port Authority and the Maritime Police. 

The event is organized by IMO and the Pacific Community (SPC), and is hosted by the Ministry of Works, Transport, and Infrastructure of Samoa (MWTI), to support effective implementation of the FAL Convention, a key treaty aimed at achieving the smooth running of ships’ port calls and efficient cargo and passenger transit. 

Julian Abril, Head of Facilitation Section, Maritime Safety Division is representing IMO. 

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