International Manning Agency & Training Center

PT RAFA GLOBAL MARINE is an overseas recruitment and placement agency was estabilished 2005 that authorized and duly recognized by the Government of Indonesia, and The Indonesian Seafarers’ Union to recruit, process and deploy qualified Indonesian contract workers for its Principals and Clients

PT RAFA GLOBAL MARINE offers crewing services to the highest standards, in accordance with STCW`95, a comprehensive mandatory course imposed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Shipping Management (ISM). We perform our duty in an efficient manner with qualified Indonesian seafarers at all ranks for : Refer Vessels, Ro-Ro, Fishing Vessel, Passengers Ship/Luxury Liner, Tankers, Oil Product, LPG, Tanker Chemical, Platform And Oilrigs. The Candidate is fully hold STCW'95 According to IMO Regulation.
Our Mission is to focus on the core competencies of our seafarers to meet and match the requirement, develop and protect the interests of our Clients, to meet profit expectations and secure satisfying work environment between our employers. Provide an equal opportunity employment for our Indonesian Seafarers.

PT RAFA GLOBAL MARINE only provides its Principals and Clients the highly skilled and qualified Indonesian seafarers. To meet this standard, our highly trained recruiting team screens all the selection of crew at all ranks. Apart from reference checks, preliminary testing, trade tests, and personal interviews were conducted preliminarily. These crewmembers are products of the finest maritime schools and training centers in Indonesia.


We serve our clients with our best services. We select and prepare all ranks of our candidates to get qualified ones for our clients

Our computerized system matches seafarers who are available to vessels they previously worked on, and you benefit from re-employing crews familiar with your vessels, your procedures, and your policies. Before a new name of the seafarers can be added to our database, the seafarer’s qualification and experience are verified and cross-referenced with previous employers, government agencies and other organizations to ensure they are true. In additional, the seafarer's professional attitude and behavior is assessed through our personal interviews.


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Jong Min Trading
K & L Co. Ltd (Korea)
Marina Trading (Korea)
Hantred (Korea)
Batlanta (Iceland)
Rawanq (Oman)
HK Shipping (Dubai)
Al Wusta (Oman)
Fishery DMCC (Lithuania)
Right Movers Maritime Corps (Turkiye)
Icetugs. Ehf (Iceland)


 Jl. Raya Plumpang Semper, Kavling Kampung Mangga Blok A6 No. 20 Rt. 009 Rw. 02, Kel. Tugu Utara Kec. Koja, Jakarta Utara - Indonesia, 14260

 Phone: (62–21) 43931265 ; 43901573

 Fax: (62–21) 43931479


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